Oct 29 2012

You can now buy and read The Big Issue in the North in a whole new way as The Big Issue in the North has launched a digital edition of the magazine.

As well as buying the traditional paper version of the magazine you can now purchase a card from vendors. The card, which still costs £2 just like the magazine, features a scratch off panel which reveals a unique code. To see the magazine, scan the QR code featured on the card or visit and enter the code found on the card.

Here’s a short video about the new digital cards:

The card is now available in Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield and will be available in Liverpool very soon.

For more information about the cards visit and click on INFO.

If you have bought a card from a vendor and are having any problems with it, please visit and select Info and then Help or email with details of your problem.


5 comments on The Big Issue in the North goes digital

  1. francis byrn says:

    Thank you to The Big Issue in The North :)
    I just enjoyed redeeming my card and enjoyed reading the latest issue, thank you :)
    Great job, thank you, Adam :)

  2. Graeme Cochrane says:

    It’s fantastic news The Big Issue in the North is opening it’s doors to a new generation of readers, going digital is a great way of engaging with a new audience and capturing digitally savy readers. Graeme

  3. francis byrn says:

    Really enjoyed my regular reads in last week’s issue, thank you, Wes :) For example, Emma’s ‘She’s Got Issues’ all about the amended Live Music Act’s new opportunities for pubs and clubs, and ‘Letter To My Younger Self’ – with you all the way on a lifetime of name spelling, Peter :) Also, thanks for the Shelf Space book recommendations, Sean :)
    Great job, thank you, Wes :) Service with a smile :)

  4. francis byrn says:

    Cheers, Vasil (Adam, above).
    The print copy is going down well in the staff room at work – one of the team also works with one of the ‘For That Warm Feeling’ ethical gift companies so mentioned the recommendation which caused a grin :)
    Loving the online version, too, thank you :) Been a New Order fan since True Faith meant so much to me as a teenager (still does) so Peter’s ‘Touching bass’ article was a great insight, thank you :)
    Thank you for the Christmas messages, sellers :) Mine to you and I was able to wish Happy Christmas to Vasil in Romanian, thank you, Luminita :)
    Andrea Grace’s Volunteers page article is an encouragement every time, thank you, and I even enjoy the adverts :)
    Craciun Ferecit everyone :)

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