Dec 06 2015

This Christmas, we’re taking to social media, asking our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram followers to share the #1ThingThisXmas they really want.

Using our social media, we will be sharing our vendors’ wishes this festive period, using the same hashtag. For many of our vendors, their wishes are simple, and can be achieved thanks to your generous donations.

A vendor may tell us that the #1ThingThisXmas they want is to have a birth certificate so they can get some ID and open a bank account or find employment; a donation of just £10 can help achieve this.

Or, the #1ThingThisXmas that a vendor wants could be a hot breakfast; a donation of only £5 could provide this for all our vendors in one of our offices for a day.

We are asking all our supporters and friends to share their wishes, and to support the Trust. So keep an eye out for #1ThingThisXmas on social media throughout December.

If you want to support the Big Issue North Trust and enable us to help vendors move on in their lives, you can make a donation here: JustGiving Christmas 2015. Thank you for your support.


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