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Feb 16 2017

An organisation in Sheffield is running a competition to help make the city a more mental health-friendly place.

Sheffield Flourish, a community that supports those affected by mental health problems, is asking for imaginative, enterprising and realistic ideas for making the city more comfortable place for the people it supports.

They could be in the form of creative writing, suggestions for improving services or other ideas.

It is looking for submissions in video, visual, audio and written form (or a combination) that harness the potential of the people and resources in Sheffield and demonstrate carefully constructed and meaningful storytelling.

“The competition came out of the desire to understand the limitations on what we can do with funding these days,” said Jo Eckersley, Sheffield Flourish’s digital content and marketing manager.

“We wanted to come up with really innovative ideas, and also to reward people for having passion and caring about the future of this city.”

Entries should be no longer than 600 words, or two minutes in audio or video format, and must be submitted before 5pm on 3 March.

The judging panel will be made up of city leaders who have an influence on mental health services and those living with mental health conditions.

The five best submissions will be shortlisted, with a £100 prize for the winner and £50 prizes for the four runners-up.

All entries will be featured on the Sheffield Flourish site, and the shortlisted entrants will be invited to share their stories at one of the organisation’s events.

Sheffield Flourish is a digital community hub that aims to enable those affected by mental health issues to find the resources and connections they need to build the lives they wish to lead.

According to Eckersley, it is this approach that sets it apart. “Rather than a lot of organisations which say someone living with a mental health condition needs help, what we’re actually saying these people have skills, these people have things they can contribute and we want to use these to help make the city better.”

Submissions should be labelled with your name and sent with a photo of yourself to sheffieldflourish@recoveryenterprises.co.uk, with the subject line “Competition”.

By applying you give your consent for your submissions to be shared on Sheffield Flourish, and for your details to be shared in promotional materials and at Sheffield Flourish events.

To find out more, visit www.Sheffieldflourish.co.uk.

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