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Do you like selling Big Issue North?
Yes, it’s all right. I do well at it. I’ve sold it for a while now – two or three years. I have learning difficulties and so Bev or Joanne work with me when I sell the magazine. They are my support workers. I sell on two days a week – Tuesdays and Fridays, three or four hours a day. I try and sell 10 magazines a week. Sometimes it’s busy. Sometimes it’s quiet.

“I’m looking forward to Chrismas. I will go and see my sister.”

Why did you start selling the magazine?
I used to sell the Yorkshire Evening Post a long time ago. And then that job stopped and so I came to do this. It was my idea to come here and sell the magazine because some other people who used to sell the Evening Post came here to sell the magazine when they lost their jobs. We spoke to the staff here and they said it was OK for me to sell the magazine with my support worker. I chose to do this on my own. I like to earn my own money, because money is important, isn’t it? It’s a bit of fun as well and I enjoy it. It keeps me out of trouble.

How old are you?
I was born in 1958 in St Mary’s Hospital in Leeds. I’m Leeds-born and bred. Now I live in Meanwood. I live with another couple in supported living. It’s not bad there. I lost my parents – they both died.

What do you do in your spare time?
I go out to meet my brother. I like watching videos. I like On The Buses and Only Fools And Horses. I’ve got a load of videos at home.

Are you looking forward to Christmas?
Yes, I am looking forward to it. I will go and see my sister and I will take her presents.

What makes you happy?
I like money and bacon and tomato sandwiches.

Do you have a message for your customers?
Thank you very much.

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