Kev, Beverley

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How are things going?
They’re going really well. Business-wise it’s great here in Beverley.

‘I’ve got a lot of regular customers up here – a lot of friends too.’

Where are you living at the moment?
I live in Beverley. It’s 10 minutes out of bed and I’m on my pitch. I’d been kicked out of a hostel in Hull a couple of years ago and my best friend said come and live with me. I have my own room and my own front door key. I pay rent, I contribute to the running of the house. It’s home

Why do you still sell the magazine?
Selling the magazine keeps me fit and well. I’d much rather be doing this than sat at home being bored, because then I do stupid things. Selling the magazine has saved my life really, because I’m stable now and a couple of years ago I was going off the rails.

What makes you happy?
Keeping myself busy and being able to send money to my daughter. She is 19 now and in college. A lot of the money I make selling the magazine goes to her. I keep enough to get by and the rest goes to her. We keep in touch on Facebook and over the phone but it’s been seven or eight years since I have actually seen her. I’m trying to get my driving licence back so I can go and see her. She lives in south west Wales and it’s too expensive to get the train there.

What makes you sad?
I’ve been getting some trouble off someone round here. He’s been walking past and calling me a smackhead and things like that. He’s a drug user and he’s having a go at me because I wouldn’t score drugs for him, so now he’s trying to make me look bad in front of my customers. Luckily, they don’t believe him. I’m really proud that I’ve been clean for two years.

What do you do in your spare time?
I work with my friend on computers. I can build and repair computers and my mate can do the programming. I’m a real geek and I love new technology. One of things I’d like is a laser keyboard which projects a keyboard onto any surface that you can then type on. They’re great. And laptops are getting thinner and smaller all the time. But things can only go so far. We need a new way to store memory before we can make the next leap. I mean, transporters like in Star Trek actually exist in a way, but they can only transport an atom at a time. There are no computers big enough at the moment to take apart a human body and then recode it. But who knows.

Is there anything that worries you about the future?
I think we’re massively over-populating this world in a big hurry. We’re starting to rip through resources real fast and we need to stop and look after the planet.

Do you have a message for your customers?
I’ve got a lot of regular customers up here – a lot of friends too. I’d like to thank everyone who looks after and supports me. Everyone in Beverley has been really good to me and I love them all for it.

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