Lloyd, Hull city centre

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How long have you sold Big Issue North?
I’ve been selling for a few months. I do enjoy it. It keeps me busy. It’s something to do through the day, instead of wasting time, hanging about. 

‘I split up with my girlfriend and that’s how I ended up homeless’

Where are you staying at the moment?
I’m staying in a hostel in the city. It’s rubbish. It’s dirty. Full of drugs. And I’m trying to stay clean. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 49 and from Boston, Lincolnshire. 

Why did you come to Hull?
I came here on the run. I’d been done for burglary. I would have answered for it but they classed it as a dwelling so I contested it because it wasn’t a house – it was a commercial property. It was a shop. But because it had living quarters upstairs they said it was an aggravated burglary and that’s why I didn’t accept the charge. I was on bail and supposed to be in crown court and then I did a runner.  

What did you do then?
I went to Manchester first and then I came here to Hull. I got clean and sorted myself out. I was here for four days and by the fifth day I had a job. Then I started work as a builder. Within two years I had a house, and I’d never had anything in my life before that. This was all back in 2000, so a long time ago. I’ve kept out of trouble ever since and I’m not wanted by the police anymore.

How did you end up in a hostel?
Around 2010 I split up with my girlfriend, and that’s how I ended up homeless.

What’s the plan for the future?
I’m going back to Boston as soon as I can make the money to get back. 

What’s your motto in life?
Enjoy. I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time. 

What makes you happy?
Not a lot.

What makes you mad?
Not a lot. 

Do you have a message for your customers?
Enjoy the read!

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