About the Trust

What is the Trust?

The Big Issue in the North Trust is a registered charity (no. 1056041) that provides support and services to vendors who sell Big Issue North.

The Big Issue in the North Trust is in a unique position to provide support to people who can be hardest to reach.

Who does it help?

The people The Big Issue in the North Trust works with often have a range of complex difficulties. They may have suffered relationship breakdown and have lost their home. Others may use drugs and alcohol. Some aren’t able to get a job or anywhere permanent to live, maybe because they are migrants.

We see our job as helping people who aren’t in touch with statutory services to get the services they need – whether that’s permanent accommodation, access to drug or alcohol treatment, health services, English language courses and other training.

Where does the money come from?

The Trust receives most of its income through donations from the public. It also sometimes gets grants or contracts to run specific projects such as art groups and gardening projects from local authorities and charitable trusts.

We are generally given such funding on the basis that it is used for a specific project or purpose. We account for these grants under the Charity Commission’s rules, which ensure that the funding is used for the intended purpose. The more money The Trust raises, the more people it is able to support. You can find out what YOU can do here.

Keep in touch!

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