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He’s widely regarded as one of the UK’s most original comedic voices but Harry Hill’s life almost took a very different path

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Issue 1415 17 January 2022

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  • Robert on Why don’t we just… stop using the word “midget”?
    13 Jan 2022 21:38
    The word does not refer primarily to people. It refers to anything small. Like a car, a submarine, a sweet. If a word is used offensively it's not a reason to ban the word. What about cow, slag, prick, mongol,...
  • Tanya on Dateline to end homelessness
    23 Dec 2021 10:45
    It very good that they are getting a roof over their head, not always in the right places. They should not be placed in houses that are around children due to the drug and alcohol abuse.

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