Rewriting her story

Far from scheming to advance her own interests, Anne Boleyn was actually pursuing the causes of the poor

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On the cover: why we need to dial back on flying

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Issue 1320 13 January 2020

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  • News Daily: Bill to bar Brexit delay and Boeing halts 737 Max production – News Jacker on Writing home
    14 Jan 2020 23:20
    […] What makes a home? For children all over the country… this question might be difficult to answ… […]
  • Penelope Smith on Secret Social Worker: work-life
    07 Jan 2020 03:14
    It is good to know that social workers should try to write a little less and listen more. Also, it might be helpful to listen more to the kids and their parents. It might also be best to communicate...
  • Riccardo on No sanctuary for migrants
    07 Jan 2020 00:50
    I don't understand why anyone should refrain to report a crime. And if the law says that foreigners illegally residing in the UK are committing a crime then it's our duty as citizens to report them to the relevant authorities.

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