Smoke and mirrors

Viggo Mortensen may have cinema clout but it almost counted for nothing when it came to making his directorial debut

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Issue 1380 10 May 2021

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  • John Hall on China’s power and climate change
    28 Apr 2021 22:59
    While praising China for taking the lead in making the switch to renewable energy,Rifkin neglects to mention how solar companies in China are avoiding from having to pay expensive costs to recycle one toxic chemical(Silicon Tetrachloride)used in the manufacturing of solar panels...
  • What Matters Most? Reflections on the pandemic: the way we live and die matters. | Musings. on Why don’t we talk about death, dying and grief?
    28 Apr 2021 18:21
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  • Refugees forced out of Greece – Government accused of thousands of “pushbacks” (In Big Issue North, including interview with GHM’s Vassilis Tsarnas) – Greek Helsinki Monitor – Ελληνικο Παρατηρητηριο των on Refugees forced out of Greece
    16 Apr 2021 17:06
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