Kadiff Kirwan: strangers and friends

Wrested from Montserrat after a volcano devastated the island, Kadiff Kirwan relied on the warmth of Preston’s Caribbean community as his family made a new home and he discovered his love of acting

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Issue 1326 24 February 2020

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  • Dr Karenza Moore on Why don’t we just… regulate MDMA?
    22 Feb 2020 10:30
    Thanks for your comment. Yes it should have said "...and he was promptly sacked". However, Professor Nutt himself recounts the reaction from Jacqui Smith - https://beckleyfoundation.org/mdma-report/ - who initially rejected David Nutt and the ACMD's advice to downgrade MDMA...
  • Michael on Cornel, Co-op, Outwood, Wakefield
    14 Feb 2020 09:54
    I have seen Cornel often at Outwwood Co-op.I always try to speak to him and loved his accordian playing.Always a smile on his face and I feel really upset that his instrument waa stolen.Is there anyway that we could...

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