Sam Riley: Out of Control, into a new life

After meeting his German wife on the set of Control, his breakthrough film, Sam Riley left Leeds and settled in Berlin. But he made a rare trip back to the north to make a new film with Bill Nighy

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Paul Mason predicted the destruction of globalisation four years ago and says that’s what’s happened since. Now the main threat to our humanity is fascism...

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Issue 1286 13 May 2019

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  • Ian Horton on Blog: Cian Binchy
    10 May 2019 14:56
    Hi Cian, your uncle Patrick mentioned you at work so I thought I'd take a look. You are very articulate and I love what you are doing and it would be great if I was able to see...
  • Derick Bhupsingh on Post-Windrush fears remain
    07 May 2019 10:33
    Hi I think I may be in need of some assistance l have applied to the windrush team as I think an injustice was done to me
  • Brian Oldham on Author Q&A:
    Jenni Fagan
    28 Apr 2019 04:58
    This interview with Jenni Fagan gave me more information than any other article I can find. Fagan is deep and intelligent and enigmatic. I would love to know more about her. The trans gender theme and...

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