Time and tide

As a girl Patricia Lemoine wanted to be just like the glamorous dancers she saw in the circus. Her tale is one of the many stories behind the large-scale portraits popping up around Blackpool

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Once they were garages and car-breakers, now they’re more likely to be breweries or butchers – but whoever the businesses occupying the north’s railway arches, they face an uncertain future now

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Issue 1254 24 September 2018

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  • Pauline on Author Q&A: Melissa Harrison
    04 Sep 2018 13:47
    She's a music journalist who doesn't like men. Click around - it's not nice - but it is the back story to this cliche nature stuff.
  • Alison Bailey Smith on The way I work: Luke Agnew
    04 Sep 2018 08:18
    It is fabulous to see the revival in the fortunes of Flaybrick and great to see so many local people volunteering to be involved with the clearing of graves. Wirral Heritage Open Days are coming up and I believe...
  • Kate Warburton on Blog: Hetain Patel
    29 Aug 2018 18:06
    It seems to me like people are oppressed and repressed regardless of gender, race or class. Who doesn't feel like they've done something wrong after expressing anger? Who doesn't try to fight the urge to cry if they feel...

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