Lily Cole: other side of the lens

The supermodel, actor and activist discusses why she set her new film in Liverpool, how she shields her daughter from the public glare and what it’s like being a tech entrepreneur

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Issue 1248 13 August 2018

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  • Leigh Weekend on the Track : 6 Hour Challenge | VEGANASFⓋCK on Pilgrim’s progess
    05 Aug 2018 18:36
    […] Issue seller who had an amazing past. I drag his name Stefan out of nowhere and, yep, he confirms he’s the guy I’ve read about on facebook. Follow that link and read about him, it’s impressive stuff! ...
  • Senna77 on Dave, Manchester city centre
    13 Jul 2018 10:43
    The smile and good morning from Dave always puts me in a good mood for the day! I do miss him when he is not there
  • Michael Ryan on Life expectancy is now measured in gap years, says Roger Ratcliffe – the north-south gap
    12 Jul 2018 15:10
    Britain’s declining life expectancy is because the effects of air pollution on mortality rates have been ignored. Professor Danny Dorling and others wrote the following on the first page of their 2008 report: “The reduction in infant mortality has...

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    "I’d like to thank everybody who buys the magazine every week. I don’t want people to feel guilty about not buying…

  • 17 Aug

    "I’ve been clean for so long, I don’t know how long it’s been. I used to count the number of months and days it was…