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Since his memorable performance in Reservoir Dogs Tim Roth has been a Hollywood fixture. Now he’s taking a chance on working with emerging new directorial talent

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Issue 18 February 2021

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  • Steve on Why don’t we just… address children’s mental health
    22 Feb 2021 22:54
    Loved your content Holly, very well-written and informative! Traumatic events take place involving children. It can be something as seemingly mild as a simple divorce, being picked on or belittled by friends or family members, or dysfunctional relationship to something...
  • This Storm (2019) - minority reports ... on Author Q&A: James Ellroy
    21 Feb 2021 21:10
    […] Ellroy himself said that the title This Storm comes from a letter WH Auden wrote to his on-again-off-again lover Christopher Isherwood: […]

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