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  • Emma on Dave, Altrincham
    04 Oct 2018 11:39
    I spent many of my breaks having a Greggs coffee with Dave back a few years when I was working a Boots! Always a smile and a good story to tell! I will always remember holding a ‘memorial’ for a pigeon after it took the council a week to take care of its body haha. Good to hear you’re doing well Dave, you bring a lot of happiness into peoples lives, you more than deserve some yourself!
  • Swati Tiwary on Dave, Altrincham
    03 Oct 2018 17:25
    Nice to know your name, Dave. I have walked past you so many times in the town centre but only when one reads about people they would otherwise pass by every day, does one realise there is a story behind every face, waiting to be told. I’m so happy that you have chosen to work hard and carve a way out in life for yourself. I love what you said about feeling positive about the future. I’m glad you have a brilliant attitude towards life. What doesn’t kill you surely does make you stronger. And I congratulate you for having chosen to fight than give up. Best always my friend.

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