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Vendors sell on agreed pitches in city centres and out of town areas across the North West, Yorkshire and Humber. Big Issue North works with shopkeepers, city centre management teams and local agencies to agree pitch locations. When vendors begin selling the magazine, they must commit to meeting our Vendor Expectations. These set out the times that vendors can sell, as well as their behaviour while on the pitch.

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Big Issue North during the Coronavirus pandemic

We have taken the difficult decision to tell our vendors that they cannot sell Big Issue North on the streets during the Coronavirus pandemic, for the safety of the public and themselves.

This is a serious emergency for our vendors, and they need your help. There are three things you can do right now to help them get through this impossibly tough period.

  1. Buy our digital issue of this week’s magazine Buy
  2. Donate to our hardship fund, which we’ll use to help vendors in the most urgent need Donate
  3. Buy subscriptions and back issues online Shop Now