Vendor Expectations

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Everyone selling the magazine has to work according to our Vendor Expectations, a set of rules governing how vendors work.

  1. Vendors can only sell on designated pitches.
  2. Vendors cannot sell between 8pm and 7am.
  3. Vendors must carry their own badge at all times.
  4. Vendors must not use physical or verbal aggression towards members of the public or other vendors.
  5. Vendors are not allowed to sell if staff feel they are unfit to do so.
  6. Vendors must stand when selling if they are able to do so.
  7. Vendors must not beg for money using the magazine (asking for spare change or other items is considered to be begging).
  8. Vendors can only charge the cover price (£4) for each magazine and must always give the customer the magazine once paid for.

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