Ali Schofield reveals the best place to commit murder in the country

It makes perfect sense that prisons, police stations, hospitals and the like have CCTV. But there are buildings across the country where those temporarily in their care have no such protection as standard. All this…

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Why don’t we just… promote community fridges?

The need for us to combat food waste is urgent. According to the NHS, there are three million of us in the UK who are malnourished and yet latest figures indicate there are at least…

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She has issues… getting real on resolutions

Getting real on resolutions for 2017 with Ali Schofield For Christmas 1991 my parents bought me a diary. It was an important looking hardback number with The Dahl Diary 1992 scrawled across the top in…

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Why don’t we just… build some homes ourselves?

We have a housing crisis. Homes that are too expensive to buy. Ever-increasing rents. Unstable private sector tenancies. Rising homelessness. Children in B&Bs on Christmas Day. Not enough new homes built – and certainly nowhere…

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Roger Ratcliffe hits the political dancefloor

Strictly speaking I’m not a fan of ballroom dancing, either as participant or TV viewer. However, being a bit of a politics anorak I found it absolutely compulsive to watch Ed Balls, former shadow chancellor…

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Why don’t we just… trust our students?

There has been a lot of discussion in the last few years about the place of the lecture and if it is outdated for university students who will live and work in a digital economy….

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She has issues… latest exclusive

Ali Schofield on the latest exclusive story The world, we are frequently told at the moment, has gone mad. A guy I know posted a pro-Trump Facebook status on US election day. Some of his…

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Why don’t we just… employ more early years teachers?

As a member of the Education Select Committee and a former primary school teacher, I’ve heard evidence and seen first-hand that boys are underachieving through school, compared to their female peers. In July, both Kings…

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He has issues… Orgreave

Roger Ratcliffe on reporting from Orgreave in 1984 Britain’s last deep coal pit – Kellingley in North Yorkshire – closed 11 months ago, and our great mining industry is now almost consigned to the history…

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Why don’t we just… gather under a northern umbrella?

In Big Issue North 1153, Paul Salveson asked: “Why don’t we just create an alternative Northern Powerhouse partnership that is genuinely inclusive?” Paul accepts George Osborne’s basic Northern Powerhouse argument that, by uniting and working…

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