Manchester protests Trump visit

Thousands of people around the UK joined in a national day of protest against granting Donald Trump a state visit on Monday 20 Feb. The now familiar anti-Trump chants could be heard around the country,…

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Mental health thinktank

An organisation in Sheffield is running a competition to help make the city a more mental health-friendly place. Sheffield Flourish, a community that supports those affected by mental health problems, is asking for imaginative, enterprising…

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Talk this way

People are being trained to discuss immigration in a more constructive way, in workshops developed in the wake of the EU referendum. The participatory sessions have been created in response to the toxic debate around…

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Leeds stage trail launched

A heritage trail exploring Leeds’s theatrical history has been launched in the city after it was developed by an undergraduate student at Leeds University. Dominique Triggs (pictured), who graduated with a history and sociology degree…

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Sturgeon: ‘separate settlement’ on single market

Nicola Sturgeon will decide “within a couple of days” whether to join the legal case before the Supreme Court to prevent the UK government triggering Article 50 to leave the EU without Parliament having a vote. The…

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The rules of grammar

Acclaimed children’s author and poet Michael Rosen has slammed the government’s plan to allow new grammar schools, claiming it will damage educational prospects for significant numbers of children. The former Children’s Laureate has called for…

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Leeds woman’s diary published

Winnie Rhodes was born into a middle class family but that did not prevent her and her sister from being “unpaid skivvies, nannies and governesses” to her 14 younger siblings. Yet when she wanted to…

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In for the long term

A radical approach offering long-term homeless people with complex needs unconditional access to housing is being piloted in Manchester. In a departure from existing schemes, which initially offer night shelter and hostel beds to the…

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Situation Kritikal

“I take my mental health one day at a time,” said Liam Powers. “It’s probably bad to say but I don’t have a plan in place. I’m up and down all the time and that’s…

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Brexit: fall-out begins

As the government grapples with Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, northern leaders are calling for a renewed commitment to the Northern Powerhouse and securing the future of EU funding to the regions. New…

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