Why we’re asking you to buy (and take) the magazine

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There are plenty of good reasons for buying Big Issue North magazine.

Big Issue North vendors are working, not begging. Vendors buy the magazine from us for £1.25 and sell it to you for £2.50, keeping the profit they make.

Selling the magazine doesn’t just provide the people who sell it with an income, but also increases their self-esteem as they make an honest living selling a great product.

People often feel they want to donate to the vendor, rather than paying for the magazine and taking it – and we respect their right to do that. But by taking your copy home, just like you would take a copy of a magazine you’ve bought in a newsagent, you’re helping the magazine to keep going.

Like any print publication, rises in production costs and falling advertising revenues are a battle. We depend on our readers to buy and take the magazine since the money that is made from sales go back into the costs of producing it.

You are getting a top quality read. Our weekly magazine is packed with news, features, culture and comment written by professional journalists and writers.

It’s a magazine made in the north of England. Our news and features reflect life in this great region. But we also have an international outlook and Mumbai is our territory as much as Manchester.

We’re not seeking to make dividends for shareholders or line the pockets of a rich proprietor – any profits go back into the business. But if people were to stop buying and taking the magazine, we would have to stop production and our vendors would not be able to sell it.

Photo: Denisa, Big Issue North vendor in Nantwich. Visit here to find your local vendor

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