Issue 1169

06 Feb 2017
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The northern working class was demonised in some quarters for pushing the Brexit vote over the line. But a group of young people from Manchester’s Reclaim Project saw a chance to be positive amongst all the divisiveness and are now leading a campaign to ensure politicians listen to them.

This week is Vendor Week and people who sell street papers all over the world have been talking to each other. Steven, who sells Big Issue North in Manchester, has a remarkable conversation via Skype with Patty, who sells Street Sense in Washington DC.

She was a psychic nurse in one of her first films, a caravanning serial killer in the movie that made her and now has the most bloodthirsty of pregnancies in her directorial debut. Is Alice Lowe as dark in real life? Simon Bland finds out

Our arts and entertainment section brings you the best in TV, computer games, albums, independent cinema and books.

In news, there’s a report on the embattled child sex abuse inquiry and the victims who don’t understand why it’s come in for such criticism.

Author Neil Gaiman writes a letter to his younger self, there’s our crossword and Sudoku – and much more.