Issue 1191

10 Jul 2017
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Thousands of Yazidi people fled Isis terror in northern Iraq to become refugees in Kurdistan. Billy Briggs reports from the Kurdish capital Erbil, where an artist from Bolton is leading attempts to help them.

Jenny Molloy was nine when she voluntarily went into care with her two brothers. She tells Kelly Mattison how and why she came to forgive her alcoholic, neglectful parents.

Gary Carter’s first job was designing sets for the Haçienda nightclub and he now takes his inspiration from tattooing. In the latest in our series The Way I Work, the bespoke jeweller wonders if the need to keep up with trends undermines true creativity.

Rugby and theatre collide at a new festival that’s aiming to bring international quality arts to the North Yorkshire town of Selby. Saskia Murphy tackles it. Also in our arts and entertainment section, you’ll find reviews of everything from the new Haim album to the new Naomi Klein book.

Judy Murray, mother of the current Wimbledon champ, writes a letter to her younger self, Joe, who sells Big Issue North in Liverpool, reveals just how important Elvis Presley is in his life, there’s our crossword and Sudoku – and much more.