Issue 1205

16 Oct 2017
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Did Catalonia really mean to declare independence from Spain? Could Northern Ireland’s Unionists break up the union? Politics in the devolved areas of western Europe is a confusing tale of reconciliation and rebellion. Roger Ratcliffe talks to the Northern Irish politicians defending the peace process while Clare Speak reports from Barcelona.

Space expert Jen Gupta is determined to get more girls to follow in her footsteps and now has the famous Tomorrow’s World brand to support her. Saskia Murphy does some research

An underwater village, a castle, medieval fish ponds and an abbey – as the leaves turn and the temperature drops Roger Ratcliffe treads some curious northern paths as he details four great autumn walks in the north

We’ve got an update on the fracking industry and protests in Lancashire and North Yorkshire on the news pages, columnist Ali Schofield urges us to turn away from breeders and get a rescue dog instead, comedian Dawn French writes a letter to her younger self, and there’s our crossword and Sudoku.