Issue 1206

23 Oct 2017
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About this issue: Overview

First up, a note about this week’s cover, or covers. The cover wrap is an advert for the re-release of the late George Michael’s second album Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1.

Turn that over and you get to our real cover, and on it you’ll find Gulwali Passarlay. Ten years ago he arrived in the UK from Afghanistan hidden in a refrigerated lorry and speaking virtually no English. Authorities would not believe he was only 13. Now the Bolton politics graduate is a published author, has carried the Olympic torch and is an advocate for refugees and the benefits they can bring to their host countries. He writes about his remarkable life.

Also remarkable are the young people who took part in Sincerely, You. Around 100 people who were once in care in Lancashire have written letters to their younger selves, revealing what become of them. The four of them we publish tell of dark days but also renewed hopes and dreams.

Rupert Grint’s latest gangster role is a long way from playing Harry Potter’s best mate. And it gave him the opportunity to visit Manchester for the first time, writes Simon Bland.

Plus news, arts and entertainment, columnist Roger Ratcliffe, crossword, Sudoku and more.