Issue 1208

06 Nov 2017
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About this issue: Overview

Sometimes appearing six or seven times in the same edition of a high-fashion glossy, June Duncan from Liverpool was one of the leading models of the 1950s. But until now her story was little known. A new Merseyside exhibition aims to make up for it, writes Antonia Charlesworth.

The Bolshevik revolution 100 years ago shook not only Russia but the world. How do we come to terms with an event that inspired hopes of liberation and equality but also grotesque violence and terror? By Richard Smirke.

In the latest in our popular series The Way I Work, Saba Douglas-Hamilton, the presenter of This Wild Life and Big Cat Diaries on TV, explains why she has returned to her roots as an elephant conservationist. Interview: Ciara Leeming.

On the news pages, Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram, mayor of the Liverpool City Region, have joined forces to demand more powers from central government. And one year on, the benefits cap, as critics feared, is pushing people into further poverty and a greater risk of homelessness.

Columnist Roger Ratcliffe explains why, with the Catalonian stand-off mounting, he’s no fan of nationalism or of Yorkxit. Boxer Frank Bruno addresses his boxing highs but also his struggles with mental health in a letter to his younger self.

In arts and entertainment there are reviews of TV, albums, independent cinema and books.

And there’s our ever popular crossword and Sudoku.