Issue 1219

22 Jan 2018
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A year of assassinations, street fighting in the big cities and students up and down the country making a stand. Half a century on, we look back at 1968 – a revolution fronted by young people and soundtracked by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

As young people with mental health issues are facing long waiting lists when seeking treatment, a housing organisation has now set up a fund to help its young residents get the services they need.

Could Brexit change how we use the internet? As Donald Trump announces plans to roll back net neutrality in the US – a plan that would allow service providers to block or slow down certain websites and charge them to lift those limitations – we look into what might happen to our Internet freedom when we’re not protected by EU laws.

Now that Hull has passed on the City of Culture crown to Coventry, we preview a new comedy play that goes behind the scenes during Hull’s year.

With the number of athletes who have been found guilty of doping, should we just allow our sportsmen and women to do what they want with their bodies?

Plus, we have a look into the open letter by 100 influential French women about the MeToo campaign and unmissable events in the north this week on our Select page. There’s a Q&A with author Eva Dolan as she releases her newest book and rapper Chuck D writes a letter to his younger self.

And of course, a crossword and Sudoku puzzle and a competition to win a Big Issue North bundle.