Issue 1225

01 Oct 2018
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In udder news
We take milk for granted yet it transformed human civilisations, according to a fascinating new book. Now it is the world’s most regulated food and it’s awash in controversy, the author tells Roger Ratcliffe. Part one of a two-part special on your daily pinta.

The Way I Work: Simon Tide
In part two of our milk special, the Sheffield milkman describes the mysterious process that leads to you waking up with your daily dairy peoduce outside the door. Interview: Roger Ratcliffe.

Hanging by a thread
The outpouring of songs and poems from the Lancashire Cotton Famine of the 19th century is a little known literary phenomenon. But now academics and volunteers have come together to create an archive  that will bring the work to a wider audience, writes Paul Salveson.

Plus News, arts and entertainment, Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson’s letter to her younger self, columnist Saskia Murphy on rediscovering the forgotten women of history, crossword, Sudoku and more.