Issue 1227

19 Mar 2018
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Frat Pack assembly. Movie maker Seth Rogen is back with his talented mates for the DVD release of cult hit The Disaster Artist. Interview by Simon Bland.
Pooling resources. In 2013, residents of the Leeds suburb of Bramley rallied round to save its famous swimming pool when cuts threatened its closure, setting it up as a social enterprise. Now they’ve done the same for a valuable local community centre. Roger Ratcliffe finds a story of remarkable community resilience.
Gration’s virtue. Likely to be stopped on the streets of Todmorden and asked for an autograph, Look North figurehead Harry Gration could pass unnoticed only miles away in Littleborough. One of the most well known faces in Yorkshire, he tells us why he and his fellow presenters are towing a sofa for 100 miles to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the programme.
Last month Boko Haram kidnapped more than 100 girls in Nigeria, the latest in the jihadist group’s mass outrages. We report from the north east of the country, where parents wait anxiously to seek if government attempts at negotiation will bring their daughters back.
Plus news, arts and entertainment, comment  – and of course our popular crossword and Sudoku.