Issue 1234

07 May 2018
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About this issue: Overview

Italian ice cream businesses are a much loved feature of our coastal resorts, which some claim are set to boom because of Brexit. In our second tourism and leisure special edition Antonia Charlesworth goes down to the seaside with the Vetteses of Blackpool and the Alonzis of Scarborough.

We might not have the weather or the food but in music, architecture and fashion the north can offer bragging rights to tourists from the rest of Europe, finds Clare Speak in Italy.

From the origins of Quakerism to fields of buttercups and the largest privately owned house in Europe, there’s plenty to look at on four great spring walks from Roger Ratcliffe.

On our news pages, we report on the row over whether Liverpool’s world heritage site status is worth protecting or is holding back development.

Also in Liverpool, we preview a new immersive exhibition at the Tate that in large part involves sitting in a hammock and drinking tea. We also have reviews of TV, games, albums, independent cinema and books.

Self-styled groupie Pamela des Barres writes an eye-opening letter to her younger self and of course we close with our ever-popular crossword and Sudoku.