Issue 1242

02 Jul 2018
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A girl called Dusty
Two new musicals are shining the spotlight on Dusty Springfield, nearly 20 years after the singer’s death. Her best friend and her biographer tell Gary Ryan that aside from the heavenly voice and the turbulent private life, she was also a trailblazer on race and sexuality.

The art of protest
For anti-fracking campaigners the last vestige of peaceful protest is being dismantled by council clean-up teams, while frackers hit back against Green Party concerns over emergency procedures. Kevin Gopal reports on the latest from Lancashire’s frontlines.

Think outside the bubble
From Marx to animal rights to effective altruism, the scope of philosopher Peter Singer’s work is vast, as he reveals in this interview with Lucinda Obank.

A news report on speculation that Cumbria will once again be asked to host a nuclear waste dump, an interview with the curator of an exhibition in Sheffield of the great Victorian photographers, columnist Roger Ratcliffe on the shifting north-south divide, and IT pioneer Dame Stephanie Shirley’s touching letter to her younger self.