Issue 1243

09 Jul 2018
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For peat’s sake
When palls of smoke eventually clear from the infernos raging over Pennine and Lancashire moorland the deeply scorched earth left behind will be restored with techniques discovered in Yorkshire, reports Roger Ratcliffe.

Justin time
Justin Trudeau has won nations outside of his native Canada over with his progressive politics and boyish charm, but how do street paper sellers trying to work their way out of poverty in one of the country’s biggest cities feel about their prime minister? Three vendors from Big Issue North’s Montreal-based sister paper L’Itinéraire sit down to interview the world leader.

Out of step
A once friendly council-run gym in Liverpool has undergone a corporate-style makeover and alienated the users who say they need it most. Deborah Mulhearn speaks to them.

Arts and entertainment, including our summer non-fiction round-up, news, columnist Saskia Murphy on the World Cup, Ben Elton’s letter to his younger self, and more.