Issue 1249

20 Aug 2018
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They look like burgers  – they even appear to ooze blood. But do new meatless burgers taste like the real deal? Sophie Haydock takes some along to a barbecue to find out.

Social haunting is a phrase that’s been coined to describe the effect on a community’s collective psyche when it’s hit by anything from deindustrialisation to the stigma associated with a grooming scandal. We speak to the organisers of so-called ghost labs who are unpicking a phenomenon that can last for generations.

This year was the 150th anniversary of the treaty between the Sioux Nation and the US government that secures the status of Native Americans. In photos, we follow a group on an arduous 400-mile horseback journey to commemorate the anniversary.

Plus news, arts and entertainment, Terry Waite’s letter to his younger self describing his unimaginable imprisonment in Lebanon, and columnist Saskia Murphy in defence of the humble potato.