Issue 1254

07 Sep 2020
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Singing truth to power
Australian-born and UK-based musician Emily Barker speaks to Saskia Murphy about her new album, which addresses the climate crisis, exploitation and inequality through soul-tinged Americana.

Clouds on the horizon  
The pace of residential development in Manchester is so great it’s creating losers as well as winners. Saskia Murphy speaks to the developer who says he’s not to blame for the lack of affordable housing and the mum nearly forced out of the place she’s lived for 40 years.
Knottla by nature
Toria Garbutt is making waves in the poetry scene with her stories of growing up in a former mining community, and of joy, desolation and pride. By Neil Tague.

Kristin Hersh’s letter to her younger self, Andrew O’Hagan’s author Q&A, Roger Ratcliffe’s column – and much more.