Issue 1258

22 Oct 2018
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Data dating
It might seem creepy to some but developments in artificial intelligence mean that intimacy with robots is not just the stuff of science fiction. Christian Lisseman speaks to Kate Devlin, whose new book explores the ethical questions about relationships between men, women and machines.

Hana solo
In 2002, Hana Ali penned Soul of a Butterfly with her legendary father Muhammad Ali. Now, two years after The Greatest’s passing, she has published her memoir of growing up with an icon. Neil Tague spoke to her.

Gig economies
Top quality music is being brought to rural communities in the north in a scheme ensuring tickets are affordable and fans can get home. Dickie Felton reports from Arnside.

Plus… News, arts and entertainment, BBC presenter Mishal Hussain’s letter to her younger self, columnist Roger Ratcliffe shares a birthday with the date of Brexit, crossword, Sudoku and more.