Issue 1276

04 Mar 2019
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Time difference
She’s reluctant to be associated too closely with #MeToo but Rose McGowan has done more than anyone to expose Hollywood’s dark underbelly with her revelations about Harvey Weinstein. Antonia Charlesworth speaks to the actor and writer in London, where she’s trying to put it all behind her.

Strip shows
From full-on dressing-up extravaganzas to a focus on the fine print, David Barnett lays out the comic conventions coming up in the north this year.

Maker’s dozen
Even though the galleries taking part in the Leonardo da Vinci 500th anniversary exhibition are getting only 12 drawings each, visitors will still get a sense of the whole of his achievements.

Malnutrition in Venezuela as tensions mount over aid deliveries. Ellesmere Port community farm expands after buying veg box scheme.

Jonathan Lima-Matthews on changing the culture of unpaid work. Roger Ratcliffe wonders whether it’s time to hang up his fleece.

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