Issue 1282

15 Apr 2019
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About this issue: Overview

With the final season kicking off this week, we have put together a beginner’s guide to Game of Thrones, featuring everything from a review of the series by playwright Stephen M Hornby to a piece on feminism in the GoT universe.

In the news section, the tricky situation of the Uighurs – Turkic people from North West China persecuted by the Chinese authorities – who are exiled in Turkey; and a case for devolution in Yorkshire.

Roger Ratcliffe discusses the lack of progress in the last 40 years to reduce air pollution near schools, while Zanib Mian argues for more BAME representation in children’s books.

Could Bradford revive its fortunes at last? Steve Lee presents two views on the latest regeneration projects currently being undertaken by Bradford Council.

Plus arts and entertainment, Michael Ball’s letter to his younger self, author Q&A with Sabina Khan – and much more.