Issue 1285

06 May 2019
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Out of Control, into a new life After meeting his German wife on the set of Control, his breakthrough film, Sam Riley left Leeds and settled in Berlin. But he made a rare trip back to the north to make a new film with Bill Nighy. By David Barnett.

Public shaming, private grief A misjudged tweet and a wave of social media hate led to the 2017 suicide of porn star August Ames. But as author Jon Ronson discovers in his new audiobook The Last Days of August and its accompanying stage tour, the truth surrounding her death – and who’s to blame – is a much murkier tale. Interview: Simon Bland.

On the continent From urban nightlife to construction, a photography exhibition about Africa ranges far beyond the commonplace depictions of chaos and poverty.

Plus News, arts and entertainment, KD Lang’s letter to her younger self, columnist Saskia Murphy on how Game of Thrones put paid to the damsel in distress, crossword, Sudoku and more.