Issue 1296

22 Jul 2019
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In Big Issue North this week…

Felix may be a worldwide phenomenon but she no longer has Huddersfield railway station entirely to herself. The feline pest controller tells Christian Lisseman how she’s coping with fame and why she’s got a new apprentice controller.

Take Notes. The handwritten notes of kindness that have appeared on bridges where people might be considering taking their own lives are meant only to do good. But do they go against expert guidelines that people should not draw attention to suicide locations and methods, asks Sophie Mei Lan.

Let’s Talk Shops. With retailers continuing to go under as internet sales rise, Neil Tague asks if the British high street can be saved.

Antonia Charlesworth talks to artist Luke Jerram whose installations of the Moon and the Earth are appearing at space-themed events this summer.

Plus all the latest news and reviews, and a chance to win a copy of the new series of Lost in Space on DVD or Blu-Ray.