Issue 1300

19 Aug 2019
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About this issue: Overview

Kim-Joy may have been pipped to the post in last year’s Great British Bake Off but she’s second to none among her devoted fans. Kicking off our food special, the Leeds baker tells us how she’s coping with newfound fame, why she’s mega-organised despite her image, and about her time as a child when she didn’t speak to anyone.

From wild mushrooms to winberries, acclaimed chef Mary-Ellen McTague writes about the ingredients that inspire her at this time of the year. We take a look at how Britain’s ever growing coffee culture is inspired by the tiny, faraway country of New Zealand. And we have some great family recipes from Kim-Joy, Mary-Ellen and more.

Plus, news, arts and entertainment, columnist Roger Ratcliffe wonders whether smart is the new dim, and Dame Vera Lynn writes a letter to her younger self from the remarkable perspective of the age of 102.