Issue 1314

25 Nov 2019
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Down to the letter
It was a shaky video made by his friends in a park that brought Aitch to public attention. Now the teenage rapper is playing his playing sell-out shows in his hometown Manchester. Richard Smirke finds a combination of confidence – which he puts down to his mum – and humble politeness.

Lib Dems’ burglary hotspot 
Battle lines are being drawn in Cheadle, one of the most interesting political fights in the
general election – the second of our three-part constituency series.

Face the future
Big Brother is watching – and can now recognise you in a crowd. We mug up on how security cameras in public places have been using facial recognition technology.

Medical debts
The remarkable story of Henrietta Lacks, whose cells were taken unknowingly from her, was brought to Liverpool recently by her family. Deborah Mulhearn explains how whether it’s a treatment for cancer or for a headache, the medicines you take are likely to have been researched using HeLa cells.

News of the eviction of anti-fracking protesters from their Lancashire camp, newsreader Trevor McDonald’s letter to his younger self, columnist Roger Ratcliffe airs his concerns about a certain holiday let site, arts, entertainment, crossword and Sudoku.