Issue 1315

02 Dec 2019
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Season’s greetings
Unthinkable just a few years ago, the safe Labour seat of Don Valley is tipped to fall to the Conservatives for the first time. In the final report of our three-part series on key northern marginals, Roger Ratcliffe reads the Brexit runes that might ruin the political career of high-profile Labour rebel Caroline Flint.

Hearths and homes
Legislation paving the way for mass council house building was passed exactly one hundred years ago. Mark Metcalf, who grew up in a council house, looks back at the way they improved quality of life for millions – and asks whether the main parties would revive such large construction programmes after the general election.
Rewriting her story
Far from scheming to advance her own interests, Anne Boleyn was actually pursuing the causes of the poor. Hayley Nolan rescues the reputation of Henry VIII’s radical second wife.
News, arts and entertainment, Emilio Estevez’s letter to his younger self, columnist Saskia Murphy on north-south inequality, crossword, Sudoku and more.