Issue 1316

09 Dec 2019
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About this issue: Overview

In this week’s bumper edition of Big Issue North, the school children of Unity Primary School take over the magazine.

Budding young journalists from the school interview Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham – “these are good questions, they’re tough questions” – and leading children’s author Jacqueline Wilson.

With so many of Unity’s kids coming from countries around the globe, their accounts of where and what they consider home are heartfelt and moving.

They’re also very concerned about the planet they call home, and write about the work they’ve been doing in school to combat climate change. When they get on to the head teacher about something, she listens.

Elsewhere, we’ve got Ella Upgraded, a great comic strip about the origin story of a young superhero, a festive baking recipe that’s easy for everyone, days and nights out for the young, TV, film and games reviews, puzzles, competitions and more.