Issue 1335

27 Apr 2020
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Small screen, big heart
Back on our screens next week in a new BBC drama, Julie Hesmondhalgh reflects on life as Coronation Street’s Hayley, why it was important to get away from her – and life in lockdown. By Christian Lisseman. Photo: Rebecca Lupton.

Hype performance
Right-minded people disdain the hype that surrounds so-called scientific breakthroughs. But what if hype, responsibly used, actually has social benefits, asks Gemma Milne.

Shifting gears
Trade unions have done much to bring about protection for workers during the pandemic, and sometimes in co-operation with employers. Talking to unions, lobbyists and workers, Mark Metcalf assesses workplace conditions and asks whether this heralds a new era for labour relations.


Author Anne Enright interview, shadow minister David Lammy’s letter to his younger self, columnist Saskia Murphy on the joy of jogging down the middle of the road, crossword, Sudoku and more.

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