Issue 1338

18 May 2020
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To be Shaw A control freak spy in a world out of control, Killing Eve’s Carolyn Martens is Fiona Shaw’s most outrageous role yet. But the Irish-born actor tells Katherine Smyrk that reality is even weirder than the compelling BBC series.
Facing down the virus From infection to recovery, two thankful patients offer first-hand accounts of beating Covid-19, and speak of their hopes and fears. As told to Dan Whitehead.
Roots manoeuvre Katie Harkin’s origins as a DIY musician with Leeds indie band Sky Larkin are coming in useful now she’s released her new solo album and set up a record label that’s more than a record label. In between, she tells Richard Smirke, there’s been a whole bucket list of musical achievements and memories.
News of a fraud investigation into the company that ran Whitehaven Academy, arts and entertainment, columnist Roger Ratcliffe on maintaining the improved air quality that’s come with lockdown, crossword, Sudoku and more.
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