Issue 1341

08 Jun 2020
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Generation excellent Two young carers tell Susan Griffin how the pandemic is affecting their lives and call for more support for others in their position. Photos and cover: Rebecca Lupton.

Holding back the fears Yorkshire has Europe’s fastest-disappearing coastline, and many villages have already vanished beneath the waves. Roger Ratcliffe talks to those who are on the frontline of the battle with the relentless North Sea.

The key to lockdown Annabel Scholey stars in a new TV series about the Salisbury poisonings that has parallels with the current pandemic. The Wakefield-born actor tells Mia Bleach she’s content being locked down in Sligo but is looking forward to resuming solo afternoon trips to the cinema when she returns home.

Plus News, arts and entertainment, columnist Saskia Murphy tidies up, singer-songwriter Judy Collins writes a letter to her younger self, crossword, Sudoku and more.

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