Issue 1347

20 Jul 2020
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Bolds encounter
From shock comic to popular children’s author, comedian Julian Clary knows a thing or two about pleasing audiences of all ages – and displeasing others. He tells Simon Bland why he’s raring to get back to stand-up despite the pressure of cancel culture.

A creeping dependency
In the US the opioid crisis is wrecking communities and has brought convictions for pharmaceutical executives that might lead to jail. With usage climbing steadily since the 90s Ciara Leeming investigates how far behind the UK might be.

He’s in my phone as ‘God sent’
Will, who sells Big Issue North in Doncaster, writes about a customer and now friend of his, photographer Andy Lynch, who saved his life after a suicide attempt and brutal beating.

News, arts and entertainment, columnist Saskia Murphy on population de-growth, footballer turned actor Vinnie Jones’s letter to this younger self, crossword, Sudoku and more.

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