Issue 1382

24 May 2021
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Many strings to her Bow
Since 2014, Black-ish has delivered complex, hilarious and engaging television about race, class and family life in America. Now in its seventh season, star Tracee Ellis Ross reckons it’s better than ever. The award-winning actor shares how she draws inspiration for her character Bow Johnson, and what it’s like portraying important issues on screen. By Merryana Salem.

Covid shows the world it needs new rules to deal with pandemics
Pharmaceutical companies must accept they will have to transfer knowhow and technology if the whole world is to get the vaccines it needs, writes Ellen ’t Hoen.

Out of the dark
Patrick McGrath is resigned to being labelled a gothic writer but is far more than that. Richard Smirke finds that his latest book, about the Spanish Civil war, is partly inspired by living through four years of Trump.


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