Issue 1415

17 Jan 2022
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Trinity to the four
Two decades after killing it as the kick-ass Trinity in the original Matrix, Carrie-Anne Moss is back in a fourth instalment of the franchise. She talked to Eliza Janssen.

The king isn’t dead
Jo Nesbø might be considering his own mortality but there’s much life yet in the leader of Nordic Noir. As well as new novel The Kingdom, there’s his first short story collection, a string of TV and film adaptations – and even a book about rock climbing. A decade after he first interviewed Nesbø for Big Issue North, Richard Smirke finds him committed to enjoying his freedom.

Through the mill
The children forced to work in Leeds factories in the early 18th century did have homes and did have parents. They even earned an income. But it came at the price of stunted growth, severed limbs and cruel beatings. Chris Nickson explains the anger that compelled him to write about them.


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