Issue 1418

07 Feb 2022
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Dreams at bay  As a teenager in Blackpool Erin Shanagher dreamed of Hollywood but had no idea how to get there. Instead, her big break came just 40 miles down the coast in Morecambe where she plays a lead detective in ITV’s The Bay. She tells Richard Smirke that with its beautiful sunsets and sensitive storytelling, there’s nowhere else she’d now rather be.

Search and rescue  It’s easier to be apathetic than to fight against a culture of form filling, CCTV, facial recognition and data sharing. Kevin Gopal meets the man in charge of protecting our information, who reminds us that privacy is our fundamental human right. As are pants.

‘Cautious optimism’ over cladding  Campaigners welcome Michael Gove’s probe into the rising costs of insurance for people living in flats with dangerous cladding, but fear developers and construction companies will resists footing their share of the bill to remove it.


Arts and entertainment, Russell Watson’s letter to his younger self, the second part of the Infertility Diaries, columnist Saskia Murphy on levelling up, crossword, Sudoku and more.