Issue 1423

14 Mar 2022
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About this issue: Overview

Schiele have loved it If Sophie Haydock’s friend Ali Schofield hadn’t suggested a visit to an art gallery, her new novel would never have been written. She explains the relationship between the four inspirational women of the book and one just as inspirational in real life.

Warped and debauched Fat White Family frontman Lias Saoudi has traded squalid squats and debauchery for domesticity and saunas but, he tells Steve Lee, that doesn’t mean he’s getting comfortable.

Nobody told me Postpartum psychosis is the most severe form of postnatal illness and is classed as a medical emergency but when most women fall prey to it they have no idea what it is and referrals to appropriate care are often delayed. Mia Bleach speaks to women who have suffered and the medical professionals fighting for them.

Plus News, arts and entertainment, columnist Roger Ratcliffe on the UK’s refugee shame, Dr Hilary Jones’s letter to his younger self – and much more.