Issue 1425

28 Mar 2022
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Grist to the mill
They can’t call it bourbon because it’s made in Blackpool but there’s an undeniable flavour of the American South in what head distiller Vince Oleson and his team are making at Bankhall. The US expert tells Antonia Charlesworth his Sweet Mash is the first step in ambitions to redefine English whisky making – and explains why an effluent tank called Jabba is integral to the plans. Photos: Claire Griffiths.

Yorkshire’s aid effort for Ukraine
With more than three million people already fleeing war in Ukraine, a massive humanitarian effort is underway. Roger Ratcliffe goes behind the scenes of one Yorkshire charity working flat out to send aid to refugees.

The beginnings of The End
There were only 20 editions of The End but the Liverpool magazine’s impact was felt far and wide in the 1980s. John Grant talks music, football and fictitious characters with co-founders Phil Jones and Peter Hooton.


News, arts and entertainment, columnist Roger Ratcliffe, Alex Winter’s letter to his younger self, crossword, Sudoku and more.