Issue 1431

09 May 2022
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Man with the plan
Times are tough but luckily Alan Partridge is here to help with his new motivational stage show. And no, his plan doesn’t involve driving to Dundee in your bare feet. His real-life alter ego Steve Coogan spills all to Simon Bland.

Soul music
Acclaimed saxophonist and BBC Radio 3’s youngest host, Jess Gillam speaks with Simon Bland about her passion for the power of music and celebrating 50 years of Manchester Camerata.

Shared ownership
Helen Pritchard’s delivery driver got married in her home when it was a hotel. The old women who visit Helen Gill’s house remember going to school there. Saskia Murphy talks to the residents of properties whose shared history makes them feel more like custodians than owners.

Plus News, arts and entertainment, columnist Roger Ratcliffe, ER star Parminder Nagra’s letter to her younger self, crossword, Sudoku and more.