Issue 1435

06 Jun 2022
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On defence
While women blaze trails through traditionally male sports, men wishing to play female-centred games can still be the subject of ridicule. Gary Ryan meets the men placing themselves in centre – attack and defence – positions on the netball court and finds something quietly transgressive.

Asylum seeker
Her own tumultuous upbringing showed Nellie Bly how easily one might end up institutionalised so when, in the late 1800s, she heard of the mistreatment of women in an asylum she acted in the only way she knew how – from the inside. Louisa Treger tells the story of the extreme steps she took to become America’s first female investigative journalist.

Dance like nobody’s watching
He might not be instantly recognisable for a single role but that’s how Manchester-based jobbing actor Matthew McNulty likes it, especially now he’s stepping out of his gritty comfort zone into musicals. Susan Griffin chats to him.


Arts and entertainment, columnist Roger Ratcliffe wishes he’d been a goth, in a letter to his younger self Bruce Hornsby tells it the way it is, crossword, Sudoku and more.