Issue 1440

11 Jul 2022
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If the caps fit
Everything Everything’s Jonathan Higgs is melancholy and confessional when he meets Richard Smirke in Manchester, where the band formed in 2007.  Six albums and a book called CAPS LOCK ON in, he worries they’re starting to feel like a heritage act – but also says they’ve got lots of ambitions left.

Shifting landscapes
It’s been claimed as a hymn to Englishness but also a call for socialism. It’s been strangely rearranged by industrial bands and warbled by cricket fans. Jason Whittaker charts the ever-shifting song Jerusalem.

‘I want to be part of the solution’
Millionaire Jen Perry tells Lauren Crosby Medlicott why she believes she should pay more taxes – and that she isn’t the only wealthy person to think like this.


News, arts and entertainment, columnist Saskia Murphy on political resignations, John McEnroe’s letter to his younger self and lots more.