Issue 1441

18 Jul 2022
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Leader in the frame
There are a few in the media who have sought to demonise Mick Lynch only to receive their comeuppance as the calm but straight-talking union leader put them straight. Mark Metcalf meets him at Durham Miners’ Gala to ask about his rail workers’ struggles, being spied on and blacklisted – and his love of ironing.

Women’s net gains
The Lionesses are in the quarter-finals of the Euros and the country’s getting behind women’s football. But if it’s the biggest boom in the women’s game, says Suzanne Wrack, it’s certainly not the first.

The family way
Punk’s all about the snarling and the chaos and the, well, rebellion, right? But at the Rebellion festival, there are some more wholesome values on show as well, says Steve Lee.


News, arts and entertainment, why columnist Roger Ratcliffe would tear down the Red Wall, Scottish writer Denise Mina’s letter to her younger self, crossword, Sudoku and more.