Issue 1471

20 Feb 2023
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‘What are we going to do without carers?’
Care workers are highly committed, bore a heavy brunt during Covid and keep our loved ones alive. But they have stressful workloads and poor pay, forcing some into cycles of debt and payday loans – and others out of the job. Sara Royle reports.

Dignity in a city that tests it daily
Spending years in a grim hostel, let down by government agencies, the Coates family stick together with pride and New York grit. Antonia Charlesworth interviews Andrea Elliott, whose prize-winning book about the family reveals how the racism endured by their ancestors decades ago laid the foundations of their poverty today.

Know when to take a break
Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook but when Kirsty Sedgman had her first child she found people all too willing to explain the rules to her. And as a theatre academic she is all too aware of the etiquette that’s expected of audiences. She gives her top tips on breaking the unwritten rules that govern every aspect of our lives.


News of a new film to be made about the Bradford 12, who found themselves in court in 1981 when they tried to defend their community from racists, columnists James Meadway and Roger Ratcliffe, arts and entertainment – and more.